Aug 7 -


[generating possibilities and things associated with something to help your creative process]

Today we went into the groups we were assigned to last week to experiment and get a clearer understanding of divergent thinking. Maggie, Tracy (I’m sorry if I spelt your names wrong) & I were given spaghetti sticks to work with! First we brain stormed things that we associated with spaghetti sticks. We also tried to think of perceptual and conceptual factors about it which helped gather some ideas! I will try to get a mind map up soon :)

It was really interesting how well the things we made worked with the shadows. It also broadened the possible concepts and changed the perspectives of each work we made! Particularly with the first and last works, the shadows worked really well. 

For the Van Gogh portrait, the lines made by the spaghetti stick itself reminded us of the paint strokes in the work.

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